Get to Know Redstone Builders

In this very first episode of the Construction Chronicles, the owner of Redstone Builders, Bob Appert, joins host Pete Waggoner to provide the listeners with an overview of his work and how he built Redstone Builders from the ground up. Bob shares how his education in architectural drafting and hands-on experience doing construction labor during his high school and early college days propelled him to build his own business in the industry later. Pete and Bob also talk about how the Redstone Builders braved the Great Recession and how they established their reputation through referrals and repeat clients.
This episode gives an insightful look into the personal and professional story behind Redstone Builders and the man behind it all. It also provides an overview of what the listeners can expect in future episodes.
  1. Referrals and transparent reviews can do wonders for a business.
  2. Having a solid understanding of the industry’s basics and current trends can help you plan for success.
In this episode:
[1:10] Pete opens the discussion by asking Bob what got him into the industry and what excites him about it. Bob shares about how his education at Dunwoody College of Technology in architectural drafting and his experience working in actual construction during his high school and early college days gave him a solid foundation for the business he would build later on.
[5:18] Bob talks about how starting his business, Redstone Builders, after working with a couple of home builder companies felt like the right decision. He also shares how their team managed to stay afloat during the Great Recession and established their reputation through referrals and repeat clients that gave them traction.
[10:21] Bob provides an overview of their business and what Redstone does—from acquisitions, and entitlement, to construction and remodeling of both commercial and residential properties. He tells more about their team’s early victories and struggles and how they sold 12 lots within 12 months.
[17:41] Pete and Bob discuss how things in the industry have changed today from when Redstone Builders started. They also talk about the shifts in the demand for housing over the decades.
[23:35] Pete closes the discussion by sharing his takeaways and what the listeners can expect in future episodes. He puts emphasis on the importance of working with a strong and trusted team in the industry. Bob shares his contact information and how people can reach him if they have any questions or suggestions.
  1. “I think the time was right. It felt right.” – Bob Appert on starting his own construction business
  2. “There’s stability, there’s success, (and) there’s results, and there are people that continue to come back.” – Pete Waggoner
  3. “It’s the lifeblood of my business: repeat referral business.” – Bob Appert

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