Construction Chronicles Podcast

Construction Chronicles Podcast

Welcome to the Construction Chronicles – brought to you by Redstone Builders and featuring Bob Appert, Co-Founder.

This podcast will cover everything from soil to shingles – you’ll learn about all the different phases in building a custom home. Bob & the host, Pete, will have discussions about architecture, the housing marketing, landscape design, interior design, finding a custom builder, custom home trends, wine rooms, lighting, flooring, countertops and much much more.

Construction Chronicles Podcast Episode 2

How Redstone Builders Turn Architectural Visions to Reality

February | Season 1 | Episode 2
In this episode, Bob and Dan talk about their experiences and roles in Redstone Builders and how they make things happen with their own dynamic.

Get to Know Redstone Builders

Get to Know Bob Redstone Builders

December | Season 1 | Episode 1
In this very first episode of the Construction Chronicles, the owner of Redstone Builders, Bob Appert, joins host Pete Waggoner to provide the listeners with an overview of his work and how he built Redstone Builders from the ground up.