How Redstone Builders Turn Architectural Visions into Reality

Construction Chronicles Podcast Episode 2

In this episode, the founders of Redstone Builders, Bob Appert and Dan Larson sit with Pete Waggoner to provide an in-depth look into how they work together to turn their clients’ visions into reality. They retrace their journey before starting their own company and share about their experience working together for a larger organization in the past. They discuss in detail their specific roles in Redstone Builders and how the dynamic between the two of them helps set the company apart from its competitors.

The discussion further delves into the process of how they come up with the pricing structure for each project and obtain properties they work on. Bob and Dan highlight how their clients’ trust and satisfaction in their work have been Redstone Builders’ major promotional strategy and how it has contributed to their success.

  1. Delivering exceptional experience to clients is essential in any business.
  2. Organizing processes and systems can help ensure efficiency and consistency.
  3. Having a strong partnership and good work dynamic can make a difference in the success of a company.
In this episode:

[1:37] Dan and Bob talk about their days working for Pulte Homes and how they carried their roles into starting their own venture. They talk about their specific functions in Redstone Builders and the difference between working for a larger company versus working for their own business.

[6:17] Dan shares how they go about finding the trades for their projects and how their experience working with multiple trade partners in the past has helped them streamline the process. Bob talks about how they determine if a trade partner is the right fit for the project.

[10:50] Bob and Dan provide a walk-through of how they identify the costs of their clients’ projects. Bob shares how they continue getting clients and the role word-of-mouth recommendation has played in their success.

[20:56] Pete probes further into Dan and Bob’s partnership dynamic and problem-solving styles. Dan shares how he takes his time thinking through the details of an issue, while Bob focuses on communicating the figures to the clients and managing their expectations.

[24:09] Bob highlights how they fulfill their responsibilities without crossing over each other’s roles. He also shares how Redstone Builders ensure transparency in their pricing and transactions with their cost-plus programs. Dan talks about the entire process of how a project is completed.

  1. Dan Larson
  1. “You wear a lot of hats. And you don’t always choose the hat, but you each have to wear all of them. So you lean on each other for strengths and focus on the hat so you can deliver in the process, (and) deliver the experience, and build brand recognition and a name that people are proud to say they own one of your homes.” Dan Larson
  2. “Over the last 18 years it’s interesting how these opportunities and leads come in. It’s kind of, feeding on itself now (right? so to speak). It’s just rolling. We don’t really do a lot of advertising or promotions but the business just keeps coming in.” Bob Appert

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