To be able to live a balanced life, with the perfect equilibrium between seemingly opposite lifestyles, is a luxury that few can enjoy. Our White Oaks Savanna homes allow us to achieve this balance perfectly.



The skyline is beautiful for a night in or a night out.

Stillwater, named one of America’s Most Picturesque Small Towns, is a thriving river city with hotels, restaurants, craft breweries, locally-owned coffee shops, and stylish boutiques inside historic landmark buildings. With an excellent public school system, several marinas, miles of bike trails, and cross-country ski trails, Stillwater is a beautiful neighbor to White Oaks Savanna.



Let’s hide & seek.

Hide out in your White Oaks Savanna home or head 4 miles down the road by bike or car to seek a boutique shop, dine out, carry out, or get some fresh air walking along the scenic St. Croix river. A place where authentic paddlewheel riverboats and gondolas glide the waters.



What is your perfect day? Staying in bed, being lazy, discovering a new cozy pub with architectural details, live music, or romantic rooftop dining?

When you live so close to the action, it’s easy to have it all. You can sleep all day & stay out all night. You can live in the land of ‘and’ not ‘or.’



Make sweet memories with the kids by baking your favorite sugary treats, or treat them to Tremblay’s Sweet Shop. Spices and teas are a close drive at Pinch ‘n Rub located downtown Stillwater. White Oaks Savanna truly is a combination of sugar, spice, and everything nice.



Ready to rock and roll?

Rocks can make the perfect complement to the open prairie. Landscaping provides the proper backdrop for your memories.

When you feel like rolling beyond the shores of town, you can enjoy an authentic all-American paddlewheel ship, take your yacht or speed boats, kayaks, or SUP out on the St. Croix River. Take the kids out for a swim or head out fishing.



How about some fire & ice?

Cozy up to the fireplace for a relaxing evening with your spouse. Have a game night with the family.

Check out the annual ice maze, eat an ice cream cone, go ice skating, or ice fishing. Stillwater is on fire with fun and exciting things to do and places to chill throughout the year.



Time to get wet and wild.

Wash away the day and take in the wildlife. Fold yourself into the skyline of White Oaks Savanna. Enjoy your favorite spot to spot a white-tailed fawn or watch a fox trot across the prairie.

Walk along with St. Croix River to witness trumpeter swans and see bald eagles soar.



For all of life’s ups and downs, White Oaks Savanna and Stillwater have you covered.

Finding the perfect location to build isn’t always easy. Until now. If you are looking to develop your architecturally driven home, explore the lots of White Oak Savanna now, we make it easy.

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